Why You Should Join This Amazing Community of Optometrists


We have launched a Facebook group and it’s exclusive to optometrists and optometrists to be who are interested in embracing digital transformation.

Our goal is to build a great community of optometrists (and soon to be optometrists a.k.a students) who want to take their business and career to the next level.

We want the Facebook group to be a space for collaboration and conversation to help each other and improve the optical industry in the Philippines.


I’m already part of so many groups related to optometry, what makes yours different

1. Opportunity to Contribute and Collaborate

Just recently, we posted a roundup article from eye care experts asking them how they’re adapting to these challenging times. We’ve gotten great feedback and have received many questions about how other optometrists can contribute and share their knowledge.

Inside the Facebook group, we’ll be doing regular Q and A, asking you about your experience and your thoughts on certain topics that relate to the eye or optometry.

Afterward, we’re going to repurpose your comments and posts into content you can use for your  Facebook page, blog or website.

We’re really excited about this and are truly looking forward to seeing your multitude of answers and different perspectives!!

2. Free Social Media Templates

Yes!! You heard that right! We’re going to provide social media templates and content for you to use for FREE.

We understand how busy you are as a business owner. We’ve been there and one of the things that we continually struggle and still do is creating relevant useful content.

Our goal is to build a library of social media content that you can use for your page for the whole year.

You don’t have to worry about design and what content to create.

All you need to is put your logo, schedule the content, and viola – your Facebook page will be regularly posting content that will help you generate leads and build authority.

Actually, we do need help with one thing.

Ideas, send us ideas fo content you would like to see and content you think your audience, the average Filipino would be interested in learning and knowing about their eye and their eye’s health.

3. Exclusive Digital Marketing Resources Focused on Eye Care

One of the reasons we also created the “private” Facebook group is to offer exclusive tips and lessons to optometrists who are interested in embracing digital transformation.

The internet and technology will be here to stay.

To quote Dr. Elaine Maceda-Fernandez of Maceda Eye Care Clinic, “Embrace the power of the Web and Social Media.

But we understand that change is scary and using something new won’t be an easy transition. That’s why we’re here.

There are so many digital marketing resources out there and sometimes it gets overwhelming.

We want to help.

Inside the Facebook group, you’ll get access to exclusive digital marketing resources focused on the optical industry. We’ll be running webinars on digital marketing and be interviewing marketing experts to help increase your sales and grow your business.

4. Free Listing in the Directory

Not every optical clinic has the luxury of having a website. And not every optical clinic that owns a website has the luxury of managing it.

With our online directory, your customers will be able to discover you online even without a website.

Your patients can easily look you up online and learn more about your business (your schedule, location, reviews, etc.), all of this for the price of FREE.

Plus, we’re adding eCommerce or capabilities soon. You’ll be able to sell your products online through your own online optical shop.

We built Mobcly because we experienced the same struggles in running an optical clinic like you.

Bulky cabinets, searching through a bundle of folders just to find patient information, not being able to access patient info online and more.

We also created this Facebook group with the same goal in mind.

To help our fellow optometrists grow their business through digital marketing, free tools, providing opportunities and a platform to share their knowledge and experience.

Because as they say, two heads are better than one.

And in this case, a Facebook community of amazing optometrists is definitely better than one.

Join us here.


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